Ryan Conway joined the BFPC in 2013 as the Board Secretary, and in 2016 was elected Chair. He was previously a researcher at Indiana University in the area of political economy, leaving to build Fable Farms with his wife.
Ryan Conway

Ryan is passionate about building strong local food systems because he believes that democracy begins at the dinner table: healthy & well-fed community members can make sustainable choices together, and communities with strong food systems can’t easily be built by outside politicians or big corporations.

Ryan joined the BFPC in 2013 when he was recruited to serve as the Board Secretary. In 2016, Ryan was elected as the Board Chair and has guided the organization’s efforts to educate the community and enact major policy changes to the City of Bloomington’s Comprehensive Master Plan, Unified Development Ordinance, Affordable Living Report, and Sustainability Action Plan.

After 12 years of research in political economy, Ryan left academia to build Fable Farms – a small family farm and community compost program, just northeast of Bloomington. He and his wife raise chickens, quail, and a range of herbs and veggies while collecting food scraps from local fraternal organizations, coffee shops, and friendly neighbors for their community compost program.

Jami Scholl

Jami was a founding member of the BFPC and held the position of Co-Chair of the Advocacy Working Group after successfully advocating for the Urban Agriculture Amendment and later modification to the Chicken Ordinance. She assisted with promoting the adoption of the Food Charter to the Bloomington City Council, at which time it was adopted. Her interest in local foods comes from experiences beginning at age 10 when she grew three leftover tomato plants from her parents garden, as well as two earthquakes that spurred an interest in disaster and adaption, entrepreneurship, and has had a long-time interest in food sovereignty.

Outside of the BFPC, Jami is an avid hiker, traveler, enjoys the jazz in small venues, and communications, outreach, and marketing. Her background also includes being a certified life coach, permaculture design, photography, and writing screenplays. Her latest skills being learned include 360-degree film-making, dabbling in Unity, and transmedia narrative. She is inspired by Sophie and Hans Scholl, members of a resistance group called the White Rose, for their bravery and determination to disperse anti-Nazi leaflets as a means to take a stand against Hitler and the Nazi party. Jami currently works as a customer care onsite program manager for a local technology company.

Dave Parkhurst

Dave joined the BFPC shortly after its inception and became its treasurer. He then coordinated a small group to prepare the 501c3 application which, with the help of Senator Donnelly’s staff, was approved in 2014. Dave then became treasurer again in 2017 after leaving the role for a few years.

Simply put, he joined and remains a member of the BFPC because he like its mission, namely: The Bloomington Food Policy Council exists to increase and preserve access to sustainably produced, locally grown, healthful food for all residents in Monroe and surrounding counties. In addition, he represents food interests as a member of the Bloomington Environmental Commission, and is a member of the Bloomingfood’s Board of Directors.