The Sustainability Action Plan

This plan is a five-year framework for Bloomington’s sustainability strategy that identifies both short- and long-term goals and actions in City operations and within the broader community. The plan includes an evaluation and reporting mechanism for a comprehensive, community sustainability program that references environmental, economic and equity elements.

The Unified Development Ordinance

Bloomington is updating its Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), which is the regulatory document for Bloomington’s land use and development. One of the BFPC’s current projects is working with the city to ensure the UDO continues building upon Bloomington’s local food system and economy. This will include incorporating aspects of the Comprehensive Master Plan and the new Sustainabiity Action Plan. Please visit the city’s site below for updates and public meeting times.

City of Bloomington Unified Development Ordinance Update

Farm to School 

The BFPC has been working with the Bloomington community and the MCCSC Farm to School Working Group to help jump-start vegetable gardens at schools in the MCCSC district. We are very excited for the possibilities of this new partnership and its impact on the local food community. To aid members of the Farm to School Working Group attending a School Garden Teacher Training in California, the BFPC performed assessment surveys of two schools which can be found in our library.

The Comprehensive Master Plan

The BFPC, along with other organizations and community members, worked to bring Bloomington’s food systems into the Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) for the first time. In 2018, an updated Comprehensive Master Plan for the City of Bloomington was published. Putting in writing the City’s food goals for the future of Bloomington was a huge step towards providing all citizens with local, sustainable, and affordable food that will strengthen the local economy and health of Bloomingtonians while preserving the environment.

City of Bloomington 2018 Comprehensive Master Plan

2018 CMP Food Mentions